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Corporate Social Responsibility

Putting into practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), GNS takes responsibility for the impact of its activities on people and the environment. We y make conscious choices to find a balance in the field of People, Planet and Profit. At GNS, CSR is already conscious and emphatically embedded for years in our business operations. Every year, measurable targets are set and measures to achieve them are taken. How small the results seem sometimes separately, addes up we achieve every year surprising improvements in terms of the 3 P's.

CSR is now at GNS so obvious that it is not as incriminating but rather seen as motivating. A few examples which GNS gives CSR flesh out:

  • Asking to deal with fuel reduction is not seen as a punishment but leads to a healthy internal competition with the environment as winner.
  • Taking of safety measures does not limiting but gives employees the belief that we care about them.
  • Not only customers and suppliers asking to have the correspondence conducted via email but also make clear their contribution to a better environment.
  • Not only separate waste but also think about how we can reduce waste and how we can reuse things.
  • Making arrangements with suppliers about the manner of packaging and the packaging materials used.

And of course, green energy, pleasant working environment, LED lighting and the heating a bit lower ....

Besides the "hard side" GNS also takes its responsibility when it comes to the social environment. Thus we work where possible, to sheltered employment and support associations in both sporting and cultural.

CSR: Naturally right?