Aluminium threaded fittings

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  • In oa EN AW-6060, EN AW-5056

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Aluminium threaded fittings

Our range of aluminium threaded fittingsĀ gives an impression of the possibilities of GNS. Whether it is for example wire sockets, elbows, tees, crosses, caps, reducingbushes, unions, barrel noppels or square plugs? Our program is both wide and deep and given the enormous diversity of dimensions we only mention the deliverable versions. Materials always from reputable producers where no concessions are made to quality. Does the product you are looking for not yet exist or do you want NPT or another thread type instead of BSP? No problem. If it does not yet exist, we’ll make it just for you! Available in EN AW-6060, EN AW-5056 of other qualities.

We gladly inform you about the materials and/or qualities you are searching for. If you don’t find in the pdf what you are looking for does not mean that we have to pass. Let us know what you need. Leave your questions and we’ll inform you about the possibilities.

The products are available in EN, DIN and ASME / ANSI qualities and in many cases with certificates according to EN10204, additional PMI tests etc. As part of our commitment to error-free deliveries, all our products are inspected one by one before being packed and shipped. We do that with our own transport with our own drivers or with reputable parcel services where you are kept informed of the status of the shipment.

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