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GNS is a no nonsense organization with years of experience and expertise built up and like no one else able to service customers at the right time and under the right conditions.

“GNS tries to do this with ‘both feet on the ground’. We make simple things not unnecessarily complicated and we keep – where possible – complicated things simple. Our personal way of doing business appears to appeal to a steadily growing customer group”, said Marc Slegers who together with Wilfred Gofers forms the management team of  the company.

For a company it is important to distinguish yourself from the colleagues. You can do this in a number of ways. “We see that our customers want reliability, choosing a professional supplier that meets all the agreements made. We think it is important here to show that we do this not only for the bigger orders but also for the smaller once. Always agreed is agreed” adds Wilfred Gofers. “Only in this way you can work on long-term relationships and that is of course our final goal.”

That reliability goes hand in hand with flexibility is for us obvious. A professional organization must always be there to serve the customer. A healthy dose of empathy is listed among the standard skills of our people. “When the well-known worst comes to the worst GNS is trying to help with a solution,” said Marc Slegers. “We can not always offer a solution, but find in the most cases in our network the things that the customer is looking for. “We are often still in move where others already have to pass”.

Doing business with GNS always includes:

  • Advice you can rely on.
  • Thinking along in solutions.
  • Quality from A to Z.
  • GNS people who make it a sport to satisfy customers. 

Maybe we aroused your curiosity? We invite you to test our promises into practice. Please feel free to contact us. We – or one of our colleagues – will ensure that you have a suitable answer to your question.

Looking forward seeing you,

Marc Slegers & Wilfred Gofers


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