Corporate Social Responsibility

Putting into practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a company takes responsibility for the impact of its activities on people and the environment. The company makes conscious choices to find a balance in the field of People, Planet and Profit.

At GNS, CSR is already conscious and emphatically embedded for years in our business operations. Every year, measurable targets are set and measures to achieve them are taken. How small the results seem sometimes separately, addes up we achieve every year surprising improvements in terms of People, Planet and Profit.

CSR is now at GNS so obvious that it is not seen as restrictive but rather as motivating. A few examples how GNS formalizes CSR:

  • Asking employees to save fuel is not seen as a patronizing but leads to a healthy internal competition with the enviroment ultimately as winner. Of course all our company cars are equipped with Euro 6 engines.
  • Taking safety measures does not limiting our colleagues but gives them the belief that we care about them.
  • Asking suppliers and customers to contribute together to a better environment for example by asking to correspond by email and  to collect orders up to 1 shipment.
  • Taking safety precautions is not working against our people, but gives them the conviction that we are careful with them.
  • Not only separate waste but also think about how we can reduce waste and how we can reuse items.
  • Making agreements with suppliers about the way of packaging and the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials.
  • And of course, solar panels, LED lighting and the heating a bit lower ….

Besides the “hard side” GNS also takes its responsibility when it comes to the social environment. Therefore we work, where possible, with sheltered employment and support institutions in the  sporting, cultural and social areas.

CSR: Naturally, right?


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